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The Babysitter Agency Frankfurt exists since 1990 to offer a much needed service. Since 1993, because of a growing demand, the BTV has also been finding childminders for interested parents. Those are persons who take care of children on a daily basis either in their own household or in the child's parents' household.

Our aims are the creation of secure, stable and continuous care taking situations for parents and children on the one hand and an improve­ment in terms of status and social security for the babysitters and childminders on the other hand.

Our financial resources come from the youth welfare department of the City of Frankfurt, the federal state of Hesse and the pme Familien Service.





The Babysitter-Service will end at 31.03.2018




We recruit interested babysitters with special advertisements and only after personal interviews to test their qualification. Additionally we offer support and advice as well as further qualification programmes for them.
Please find here our liability regulations which you return to us together with a copy of your remittance receipt or cash. After that you will be entered on our records and may claim our service.

Interested parents can obtain addresses of babysitters if they contact us by phone or in our office and if they sign our liability regulations and pay our annual fee of Euro 40,- . The payment for the care taking persons is negotiated by the partners themselves.


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Babysitter- und Tagespflegevermittlung e.V.
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Please call us so or send us an e-mail that we can act according to your wishes.



Daycare of Children


We cooparate with the Fachdienst Kindertagespflege, Stadtschulamt Frankfurt am Main. For further information please have a look at the website http://www.tagespflegeboerse-frankfurt.de.
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